【JR Osaka station】Locations of ticket machines with passport readers


Travelers who come Japan from overseas are increasingly purchasing various tickets at travel agencies before departure.

In order to pick up tickets purchased overseas at Japan ticket vending machines, you need to use a ticket vending machine with a passport reader, but it is often difficult to find.

This time, we will introduce the location of the ticket vending machine with a passport reader at Osaka Station.


Exchanging E-Tickets

If you have a QR code, you must have the QR code and your passport read when you pick up your ticket at the ticket machine.

Tickets can be received at a green ticket machine displaying the  mark in the ticket reception station.

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Ticket machine location

Ticket machines with passport readers at JR Osaka Station are located right in front of the Central Gate.

References:West Japan Railway Company – Timetables, Route Maps, and Station Maps (westjr.co.jp)

This is the central gate.

The ticket machine area is located in front of the central gate.

Lots of green ticket machines in a row.

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Use the No.1 to No.5 ticket machines

There is an information board that says that E-tickets can be exchanged at ticket machines No.1-5.

There is a ticket office and a train and tourist information(multilingual), so if you are not sure, go there.

Japan Rail Pass can be exchanged at any ticket office or Nippon Travel Agency.

Ticket vending machines numbered 1-5 are lined up at the far end of the ticket machine area.

You can see the passport reader attached to the right side of the regular ticket machine.

Please note that if you take the Airport Express HARUKA to Kansai Airport, the platform is a little far away.

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