Namba station to Osaka station

Namba is a convenient town that can easily be used as a base for sightseeing because of its easy access from KIX Airport and proximity to tourist attractions such as Dotonbori.

However, for first-time visitors to Osaka, the location may not be clear.In particular, Umeda and Osaka stations are located in almost the same place, but are complicated by the fact that they are served by several railroad companies, including the subway, Hankyu line, Hanshin line, and JR lines.

In this article, we will show you how to get from Namba Station to Umeda Station by subway and from Umeda Station to JR Osaka Station, using easy-to-understand station maps and photos.

Travel time / Fare / Route map

Travel time: approx. 14 minutes (9 minutes by train)

one-way230 yen120 yen
round-way460 yen240 yen
Subway Midosuji Line Namba Sta. ⇔ Umeda Sta. (Dec.2022)

Subway Namba Sta. Station map

Three subway lines run to Namba Sta.

Official website

This time, enter from the Kita-Higashi(North-East) gate on the Midosuji Line.This is the closest gate to Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, and Amerikamura.

Subway Midosuji Line Kita-Higashi gate

To platform 2 for Umeda,Shin-Osaka,Senri-Chuo

Pratform 2 for Senri-Chuo

Wait for the train on platform 2.Board the train to Umeda Station, 4 stops away.

Pratform 2

Subway Umeda Sta. Station map

Official wabsite

Get off at Umeda station and go up to the upper floor

Going straight ahead

Exit through the Kita(North ticket) gate and turn left.

Umeda Station Kita gate

Turn further left in front of “Cocokara Fine” drugstore.

Cocokara Fine

JR Osaka Sta. Station map


Go up to the ground floor and turn left.

You will see JR Osaka Station.

JR Osaka staion

JR Osaka Station has 5 ticket gates on the 1st floor. They are Midosuji gate, South gate, Sakurabashi gate, Central gate, and EKIMarche-osaka gate. This time, we will go to the Central gate.

It is about the same distance to the Sakurabashi gate, no matter which way you enter.

JR Osaka Station entrance

Enter the entrance and go straight

Turn left

Akatsuki Plaza

On the right is the “Akatsuki Plaza Osaka Station Central Sound Vision” with a powerful 3D leopard moving around. If you have time, please take a look.

You have arrived at the Central Gate of JR Osaka Station.

JR Osaka Sta. Central Ticket Gate
JR Osaka Sta. Central Ticket Gate

More information is also available on YouTube


Have a nice trip!

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