【New open】Underground platform at Osaka!How to get there from Osaka Station

A new underground platform in the Osaka Station Umekita area opened on 18 March 2023. This new platform is located underground on the north side of Osaka Station and incorporates advanced technology.

Many people use the Kansai-Airport Express Haruka to access Osaka from Kansai International Airport.
Until now, the limited express Haruka stopped at Tennoji and Shin-Osaka, but with the opening of the new platform, they now also stop at Osaka Station, making access to Umeda very convenient.

This article also provides information on how to get to the new platform from JR Osaka Station, the new Umekita-underground‐gate, and the facilities of the new platform.

Location of the ticket gates of the new platform

東海道線支線地下化・新駅設置:JR西日本 (westjr.co.jp)より引用

The new platform at Osaka Station is underground. Although the name Osaka New Station was popularised by some, the station was not actually built, but a new platform was installed underground in the northern area of Osaka Station.

The new platform has two ticket gates:Umekita-Underground‐Gate and West Gate. The popular face recognition gate is located at the Umekita-Underground‐Gate.

The shortest walking route from the Central gate to the Umekita-underground‐gate.

Stops on Kansai-Airport Express Haruka and area route map!

Osaka station central gate ⇒ Umekita underground gate

Take the JR lines central gate to the right

Go straight ahead to the square

Take the escalator down on the right

There are directions to the Umekita Underground Gate

Go left, then immediately right

You will find the entrance to Grand Front Osaka. Keep going.

To the left. This is the basement of the Umekita Plaza in front of the Grand Front Osaka.

The Umekita Cellar contains cafés and restaurants and is a great place to take a break.


Convenience store on the left, Umekita Cellar on the right. Go straight down this corridor.

Continue along the corridor to the new platform

There is a ticket machine in front of the ticket gate.

An AI information centre is attached to the site. It is difficult to see in the picture, but the information is highlighted in 3D at the bottom of the screen. The AI recognises your questions and guides you to nearby facilities and exits.

The “Green Ticket Machine + AI” uses AI-based voice recognition and text-to-speech functions to enable ticket purchases through conversational voice input without the need for an operator. If the ticket cannot be handled by voice recognition, the ticket can be purchased by talking to an operator.


Facial recognition turnstiles are installed next to regular turnstiles. Mutual passage is possible.
As of 2023.4, the system is currently undergoing a demonstration experiment, but members of the public can pass through by touching their IC cards such as SUICA and ICOCA.

Face recognition ticket gate

Umekita underground gate ⇒ New platform

Go through the ticket gates and turn left

Projection mapping using the front wall. Fish and natural scenery are projected realistically, evoking the image of Osaka, the city of water. There are tricks for both adults and children to enjoy, such as fish moving in time with your movements when you approach or move your hand. Please come and experience it for yourself.

The platform for limited express HARUKA to Kansai International Airport is platform 21

Escalator to platform

Full screen doors have been installed on platform 21. The platform doors move and open and close in time with the doors of arriving trains.

Haruka ⇒ Kansai airport

【KIX to Osaka】What is Kansai-airport express Haruka?
18 Mar 2023 A new platform opened at JR Osaka Station, finally connecting Kansai International Airport (KIX) and Osaka Station directly without transfers! Until now, the Kansai-Airport Express Haruka served Shin-Osaka Station. Now it has direct access to Osaka Station, making it even more convenient. The number of people using the service is likely to increase significantly. This article summarises the fares, stops and journey times of the Haruka. We will also introduce discount tickets and the facilities inside the train with photos. Please check it out before your trip!

Take the express train Haruka. Cute Hello Kitty design.


Click here for information on fares, stops, train interior and special tickets for the limited express Haruka.

The ride takes approx. 47 minutes. The train also stops at Tennoji on the way to Kansai Airport Station.

Take the escalator up. Use the elevator if you have large luggage.

There are ticket gates at the rear

When you exit the gate, turn left

Cross the overpass leading to Terminal 1. It can be reached from either side.

Connected to the 2nd floor of Terminal 1

International departures are on the 4th floor, domestic is directly on the 2nd floor.

Take the lift up to the 4th floor and you will immediately find the international floor.

関西国際空港 国際線出発

Toilets are also state-of-the-art

大阪駅 うめきた地下口改札内 トイレ

The toilets in the Umekita underground gate incorporate the Toilet DX technology.

The Toilet DX is equipped with sensors on the toilet, door and handwashing detergent container to monitor the number of times it is used and the amount of toilet paper and handwashing detergent remaining in real time.

In addition, monitors above toilet entrances and the WESTER app show the availability of men’s, women’s and multi-functional toilets.