【USJ】Things every first-time visitor to USJ must do


USJ (Universal Studios Japan) celebrated the first anniversary of “Super Nintendo World”, and is now a very popular spot visited by many people even on weekdays.

Even though I live in Osaka, I don’t often have the chance to go to these events, and I often wonder, “What is a ticket registration? What is an Area Timed Entry Ticket? What is a Lottery Ticket? What is a Confirmation Ticket? What is a “Yoyakunori”…? I had a lot of questions.

This article provides an easy-to-understand explanation of everything from advance preparation to the flow of the day’s events for such USJ beginners.

Please study well in advance and enjoy yourself to the fullest on the day of the event.

(This information is current as of Nov.2022. Please also check the official website as it is subject to change due to congestion, infectious diseases, etc.)


Register your ticket before you come

  1. Download the official Universal Studios Japan app.
  2. Purchase a Studio Pass (Park Entry Ticket) the app’s web ticket store.
    • You can choose between park redeemable tickets and direct-in, but we recommend Direct-in, which is less time-consuming and hassle-free.
    • For Direct-in, you will receive a ticket with a QR code via email. It is convenient to screenshot and save this QR code screen!
    • Up to 9 days prior to the visit, home delivery can also be selected. Shipping fee 800 yen, addresses in Japan only.
  3. Register the QR code of your ticket in the app. (If purchased prior to the Park visit date, registration can begin at 5:00 a.m. the day after purchase)
    • For Direct-in
      • Start the appeTicketRegister Park PassesLoad the Park Passes image saved on your smartphoneSelect the QR code you have squattedName the passes (Dad, Mom, Taro, Hanako…etc. Make sure you know whose ticket it is)
    • For paper ticket
      • Under “Load an admission ticket image saved on your smartphone”, select “Load a Park Pass or Annual Pass QR Code”.
  4. It is convenient to forward the QR code of your registered ticket and share it with your companion.
    • If you are going in a group, it is useful to have QR codes for all members of the group, even if several people are separated, so that you can collectively pick up numbered tickets for the same time.
    • The “Yoyakunori” system, which will be explained later, also allows both the father and mother to obtain reservation tickets if the child’s QR code is shared by the parent or guardian.

~ Park Pass Registration Procedure ~


This is a Japanese screen, so it may not be the actual one. Sorry.

What time should I be there on the day of the event?

Quickly, an important note.

We recommend that you arrive at least one hour before the opening time listed on the official website. If you want to ride the popular attractions without waiting as soon as you enter, arrive at least two hours in advance if possible. This is because during busy times, it is not uncommon for admission to begin an hour or so earlier.

Even if you arrive 30 minutes before the park is scheduled to open, the park may already be open and the attraction you want to ride may have a huge line・・・

◆ Example of a weekday and Monday in Nov. (scheduled to open at 9:00) ◆

6:50 Arrival in front of the entrance gate

7:15 Already a long line of people

7:30 ”Early Park Inn” admission starts

8:00 General admission starts

From here, after baggage screening, you will pass through the entrance gate, so the further back in line you are, the longer it will take to actually enter the gate.

(”Early Park Inn” is a service that allows visitors to enter the park 15 to 30 minutes earlier than the general public, and is available only to those who have booked an overnight stay plan through travel agency JTB.)

How to get a Nintendo World numbered admission ticket

  1. Take a Area Timed Entry Ticket(Numbered admission ticket
    • This ticket can only be taken after entering the park. In addition, if you want to take it with the application, you must have completed the “Park Passses Registration” explained earlier.
      • If you take it with the app
        • Start the appArea Timed Entry TicketeTicket Select “Super Nintendo World (You can only select Nintendo World in effect, since the “Harry Potter” area currently allows entry without the ticket) → Select a timeOnce you have confirmed who and how many people are applying, you are done
      • For ticketing machines
        • There is a ticketing machine in “Central Park”. Hold up the QR code on your ticket to obtain it.
  2. “ViewYour eTickets” screen and enter
    • Once you have obtained a ticket, go to Nintendo World at the designated time and present the “eTicket” screen from the application to a Cast Member near the entrance to enter.

“Lottery tickets” are a system that allows entry if you win after the numbered admission ticket for all time slots have been distributed.)

Numbered admission ticket will be distributed sequentially starting from the earliest time slot.

For example, on the day I went there, ticket for the 9:00 and 10:00 positions could be obtained at 8:30 a.m., and once distribution for that time slot was completed, distribution for the 11:00 position began.

So, if you are thinking, “I want to go to Nintendo World in the evening after visiting other areas,” you need to check the application frequently until the ticket distribution starts in the evening.

“I really want to go to Nintendo World!” “I am worried about not knowing whether or not you will be able to enter until the day of the event”・・・

For such people, there is also a ticket for guaranteed admission.

This is only available to those who have purchased the Universal Express Pass, which includes an Area Timed Entry Ticket, and allows you to enter Nintendo World without a numbered ticket.

(”Universal Express Pass” is a convenient ticket that lets you enjoy each attraction once with shortened waiting times.Also called ”fast pass”.)


During busy times, the ticket distribution ends around 10:00 a.m., so be careful!

~ Procedures for obtaining Area Timed Entry Ticket ~

⇩⇩ Ticketing Machine Location ⇩⇩

Central Park at USJ

Click here for directions to Super Nintendo World!

What is “Yoyakunori”?

This is another complicated system, “Yoyakunori”. Unlike the Universal Express Pass, which requires a fee, this one allows visitors to reserve attractions for free.

However, “Yoyakunori” is limited to attractions in “Universal Wonderland”.

For child or those who have difficulty waiting in line for a long time, you can enjoy the attractions almost without standing in line by obtaining a reservation ticket for the time ahead at “Yoyakunori”, spending your free time until the designated time, and then going to the entrance of the rides at the stated time.

  • Attraction where you can “Yoyakunori
    1. Elmo’s Go-Go Skateboard
    2. Elmo’s Bubble Bubble
    3. The Flying Snoopy
    4. Moppy’s Balloon Trip

◆ Important point ◆ While you have a reservation for one attraction, you cannot get another reservation ticket. You must finish riding the one you have reserved before you can make another reservation.

You can obtain “Yoyakunori” through the app, but they may only be available at the ticketing machine. This service also ends early during busy times, so please check with the app on the day of your visit and get your reserved tickets for the attractions you want to ride as soon as possible.


Before Super Nintendo World was built, weekdays were rather empty, and Universal Wonderland in particular had a laid-back atmosphere with many families. However, all areas seem to be very crowded these days; please gather information about the current situation at USJ, ticket sales, numbered tickets, etc. on various websites in advance.


You should eat lunch early, around 10:00 a.m.


If you’re going to go all this way, let’s tour efficiently and have a lot of fun!


  1. George Wei より:

    Quick question! I purchased my ticket from UNJ website. I’m not going until August. I registered the tickets, input the names,but afterwards when I click on it, it shows a pop up that just has this little “-“ mark. Do you know why?

    Thank you

    • Ninja Ninja より:

      Thanks for question.
      There is no problem with the “-” mark. The ticket is registered.
      Originally, registering tickets in the application is preparation for obtaining numbered tickets after admission.
      Once you pass through the entrance gate, you will see a QR code to obtain a numbered ticket.
      In order to present your ticket at the entrance gate, it is convenient to take a picture of the screen you used to purchase your ticket and save it.
      Enjoy USJ!