【USJ】 How to get to Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Japan celebrated the 1st anniversary of the birth of “Super Nintendo World”, an area for the very popular game “Mario”.

It has been covered by many media and the number of visitors to the park has increased considerably.

So this time, the author, who headed to “Super Nintendo World” as soon as the park opened, would like to introduce how to get from the entrance gate to Super NES World (hereafter referred to as Nintendo World) in an easy-to-understand manner!

Check it out before you go!


What is Nintendo World like?

I had heard rumors about it, but my knowledge of the game was limited to punching the blocks and collecting coins like Mario.

Even on the official website and app, it’s a little hard to know what exactly the ride is like and what kind of experience you can expect.

Here is a brief description of what it is all about.

  • Attractions:2 locations
  • Key Challenge : 5 locations *Collect keys by challenging games with power-up bands
  • Character meet and greet :4 locations
  • Blocks: 21 locations * Attach the power-up band to your arm and punch the blocks to collect coins.
  • Hidden character:5 locations *Power-up bands can be used to find hidden characters.


There were also many other fun tricks in the world, such as binoculars and musical note blocks that can be tapped. I will introduce the attractions and challenges we were able to experience this time in a separate article.

How to get there from the entrance?

We will guide you to the shortest route to Nintendo World.

It is tempting to run, but it is dangerous, so do not run!


You will be stopped by a cast member

Go through the entrance gate.

Continue to the shopping street.

Turn right on the way.

Go outside and continue to follow the street on the main street.

You will see the very popular roller coaster “Hollywood Dream the Ride”.

Continue straight and turn right at the end.

Continue on and you will see “Universal Wonderland” on the right.

This is the area for Snoopy, Kitty, Elmo, etc.

Pass in front of “Universal Wonderland” and continue to the left.

Although not shown in the photo, there is a path leading to the “Harry Potter” area on the right.

You will see the Jaws shark on the right.

Pass by the sharks and continue straight down the main street. There is a side street, but you cannot go through it.

The entrance to “Jurassic Park” is on the left.

You will pass by the “Flying Dinosaur” attraction, where you can experience what it is like to fly with a Pteranodon holding you by the back.

When you come to the “Water World” entrance, there is a path to Nintendo World on the right. At Water World, you can see a show with jet skis and flames.

It is still a bit more of a walk from here to the entrance. Yes, it is quite far.

The road is lined with trees on both sides.

You will see the entrance!

Go through the clay pipe and enter the world of Mario… ♫

How long does it take?

8:00 Open

8:05 Baggage Inspection → Passing through the entrance gate

8:12 Entrance to Nintendo World

It was about a fast walk, roughly 7-8 minutes.

【MUST SEE】How should I go around? Advice and notes!

As of Nov.2022, Nintendo World requires a numbered admission ticket called Area Timed Entry Ticket. (Use of the official application is recommended to obtain an admission ticket.)

However, for a short time after the park opens, visitors can enter without a numbered ticket, called “Free Admission”.

On the day of the author’s visit, USJ’s general admission gates opened at 8:00 a.m., allowing visitors to enter Nintendo World without numbered tickets until around 8:30. (for only about 30 minutes).

At the entrance to the path leading to Nintendo World, a Cast Member will be counting the number of visitors, and when the maximum number is reached, numbered admission ticket will be distributed.

Once the distribution of these tickets has begun, customers who have once left the world are not be allowed to re-enter.

So, “I definitely want to ride the Mario attraction today!” “Let’s go back to Mario later in the evening!” If you are thinking, we recommend that you head to Nintendo World as soon as you enter and get a ticket for re-entry while you are waiting in line for attractions and other activities.

In addition, this ticket is issued in order from the earliest time, so you will not be able to get tickets for later times right away. Please check the application frequently until ticketing for your desired time slot begins.

Click here for information on how to get a numbered admission ticket


On the day of the author’s visit, USJ as a whole, but especially Nintendo World, was extremely crowded.

Therefore, we recommend that you gather as much information as possible in advance and be prepared to act smoothly on the day of the event.


It was crowded, but I enjoyed my first visit to Nintendo World