How to get to Terminal 2 at KIX Airport

KIX Terminal1 to Terminal2

Kansai International Airport(KIX)is divided into two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

As of Oct.2022, only LCC Peach Aviation will use Terminal 2 for both domestic and international flights.

For those who came to Terminal 1 by mistake, here are directions to Terminal 2.


If you use Peach Aviation, check in advance!


Where is Terminal 2 Building?

Across Kansai Airport Station from Terminal 1 is the Aeroplaza complex.Terminal 2 is located further across the water from there.

You can see that there is quite a distance.

Airport Map | Kansai International Airport (

There is one bus drop-off point and two boarding areas at Terminal 2.

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Terminal 1 ⇒ Shuttle Bus stop

From Terminal 1, 4th floor, International Departure Floor, proceed to the rear.

 Take the escalator down to the 2nd floor.


If you have a lot of luggage, take the elevator.

 Once down to the second floor, go outside please.

If you are coming from a domestic flight, go straight out from the 2nd floor.

Turn right

Turn left

Go straight

You will see the ticket gate of JR/Nankai Railway Kansai Airport Station on the right.

Go straight through the connecting passageway of Aeroplaza.

Shuttle bus to Terminal 2 Building | Kansai International Airport (

Aeroplaza is a complex facility that includes Hotel Nikko, restaurants, convenience stores, souvenir stores, and a car rental counter, in addition to a bus stop for the Terminal 2 building.

In Apr.2021, a 24-hour lounge opened for use by anyone who pays a fee.

Soft drinks and coffee are complimentary, and there is a grassy area to stretch your legs and relax, as well as a shower room. This is also a great place to meet or wait until boarding.

The entrance to the free shuttle bus stop for Terminal 2 is on the left.

Go down to the 1st floor and go outside.

Go right

You will see a bus stop.

The ride from Aeroplaza to Terminal 2 takes 7-9 min.

Buses run approximately every 5 to 7 minutes, but the interval varies depending on the time of day, and there may be a wait, so we recommend boarding early!

NANKAI BUS Information | 南海バス

Terminal 2 bus stop ⇒ Domestic flight ⇒ International flight

You have arrived at the Domestic floor of Terminal 2.

Peach’s automatic check-in machine. There is a check-in counter at the back.

For international flights, exit the bus and turn right.

You have arrived at the International departure floor.


Have a safe flight!

Please watch the video as well.