【KIX to Shinsaibashi】Reasonable way to get there by train

Many people who come to Osaka for sightseeing use Kansai International Airport. Many of them may stay in Namba or Shinsaibashi at that time.

The Shinsaibashi area in particular is a very convenient place for sightseeing and shopping.

However, Osaka has many types and numbers of trains, and for first-time visitors, changing trains can seem complicated.

In this issue, we will show you the inexpensive way to get from KIX to Shinsaibashi by train, with pictures. Please get to your destination without hesitation and enjoy a lot of sightseeing.

There are multiple ways to get there

The Namba/Shinsaibashi area is a very convenient place for sightseeing in Osaka.
There are multiple ways to get to Shinsaibashi from KIX airport.

  • Take the JR line to Osaka Sta, walk to Umeda, and take the subway
  • Take the Nankai Line to Namba and transfer to the subway
  • Take a shuttle bus to a bus stop near Umeda and take the subway to Shinsaibashi

and so on.

In this article, we will show you how to get to Namba by Nankai Line and take the subway to Shinsaibashi.

KIX Airport ⇒ Kansai Airport Sta.

After arriving at KIX, go outside from the 2nd floor and cross the connecting bridge to Kansai Airport Station.

International Arrivals
Kansai International Airport 2nd floor
Kansai Airport Station
Kansai Airport Station Ticket machine and office

Purchase a ticket at the ticket counter or ticket vending machine. From Namba Station on the Nankai Line, please use the Airport Express or Limited Express “Rapi:t”.

Airport ExpressLimited Express “Rapi:t”
Adult930 yen1,290 yen※
Child470 yen650 yen※
Transit timeApprox.45 min.Approx.40 min
Kansai Airport Sta. ⇔ Namkai Line Namba Sta. ※In case of Kanku Tokuwari Rapi:t Ticket
Kansai Airport Station Nankai Line Ticket office

Kansai Airport Sta. ⇒ Namba Sta.

Enter through the red Nankai Line ticket gate

Kansai Airport Station Nankai Line ticket gate
Kansai Airport Station Platform

This time, we will use the “Airport Express train“. This train is the reasonable way to travel from KIX Airport to Osaka City.

Nankai Line Airport Express train
Nankai Line Airport Express train

Nankai Line Namba Sta. ⇒ Subway Namba Sta.

Arrived at Nankai Line Namba Station

Nankai Line Namba Sta.

Going down the escalator

Nankai Line Namba Sta.
Nankai Line Namba Sta.

Turn left and go down one more floor

From Nankai Line Namba Sta. to Subway Namba Sta.

Once downstairs, heading forward left

From Nankai Line Namba Sta. to Subway Namba Sta.
From Nankai Line Namba Sta. to Subway Namba Sta.

Go to Namba subway station

Subway Namba Station Entrance

You will see the ticket gate

Subway Namba Station Ticket Gate

Subway Namba Sta. ⇒ Shinsaibashi Sta.

Enter the ticket gate and board a train bound for “Umeda”, “Shin-Osaka”, “Senri-Chuo” on platform 2.

Subway Namba Station Minami-Kita(South-North)Gate
Midosuji Line For Umeda,Shin-Osaka,Senri-chuo
Subway Namba Station Platform 2

It is one stop to Shinsaibashi, and the ride time is about 1-2 minutes. Incidentally, this time we are in the rearmost car.

Click here for stops on the Midosuji Subway Line

Subway Shinsaibashi Sta.

Go up to the upper floor, you will see the Minami gate (South ticket gate).

Shinsaibashi Sta. Minami Gate

Sights in Shinsaibashi

As you exit the south ticket gate, you will first see PARCO in front of you.
To the right is the Daimaru Department Store, convenient for shopping and dining.

Many stores are also located in the “Crysta Nagahori” underground shopping center. When using this area, it is convenient to take the front car.

If you are going to Americamura, a popular tourist destination, Exit 7 or 8 is convenient.

Discount Ticket “Kanku Chikatoku Ticket”

If you plan to depart from Kansai International Airport to Namba and then use the subway, the “Kanku Chikatoku Ticket” is a good deal.It is convenient for sightseeing in Dotonbori and other areas in Namba and then taking the subway to destinations such as Umeda and Shinsaibashi.

Adult one-way:1,020 yen

~ If going to Shinsaibashi ~

Normal Fare:930 yen(Airport Express)+180 yen(Subway)=1,110 yen

For other discount tickets, please visit the official website

Kanku Chikatoku Ticket

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