【Great value ticket!】Ticket information for tourists


This page introduces convenient and economical tickets for travel in the Kansai region, including Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe.

Please use this information if you are not sure what kind of ticket to buy.

Limited time tickets are also listed. New tickets may be available, please refer to each company’s website for information.



Available & BenefitsPricesTerm
Osaka 1-Day Pass – Enjoy Eco Card・Osaka metro
・Osaka city bus*
*The buses to IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Studios Japan™, airport buses, etc. are not covered
Discounts are available at approximately 30 tourist facilities in Osaka City.
Adult: 800 yen
(600 yen on weekends and holidays)
Child: 300 yen
Osaka Amazing Pass “1day”・Osaka metro
・Osaka city bus*
*The buses to IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Studios Japan™, airport buses, etc. are not covered
・New Tram
・Private railway:Hankyu, Hanshin, Keihan, Kintetsu, and Nankai trains running mainly in Osaka
2,800 yen1day
Osaka Amazing Pass “2day”・Osaka metro
・Osaka city bus*
*The buses to IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Studios Japan™, airport buses, etc. are not covered
・New tram
Admission to approximately 40 tourist facilities. Discounts also available at other tourist facilities, restaurants, etc.
3,600 yen2day
Osaka e~PassShow the QR code at the facility counter and you can use more than 20 facilities free of charge, one time for each facility.
Valid only on the day the QR code is used (two consecutive days for 2-day tickets)
1day 2,000 yen
2day 2,500 yen
Hirakata Park Go! Go! Ticket (Osaka Metro ver.) ・Osaka metro
・Osaka city bus (except some routes)
・Keihan train: designated sections (no stopovers between Moriguchi City and Hirakata Koen Station)
Includes ticket to “Hirakata Park”
Adult 2,300 yen
Child 1,200 yen
Kanku Chikatoku Ticket・Osaka metro: Each station – Namba
・Nankai line: Namba – Kansai Airport
*You can only ride once, and you cannot get off the train during the ride.
*Transfers between Osaka Metro and Nankai Line are not permitted at stations other than Namba Station
Adult 1,020 yen
Child 510 yen
Kanku Access Ticket・Hankyu railway: Kyoto‐Kawaramachi ⇒ Tenjinbashisuji 6‐chome (400 yen section from Tenjinbashisuji 6‐chome)
・Osaka metro: Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome ⇒ Tenga-chaya
・Nankai line: Tengachaya ⇒ KIX Airport
*Not available in the opposite direction
*No stopovers are allowed except at Tenga-chaya Station, which is a transfer station
1,250 yenonce


Some sites are only available in Japanese. We are introducing them just in case, but we recommend that you use the best ticket deals for foreigners visiting Japan.

Available & BenefitsPricesTerm
Subway & Bus One-Day Pass・Kyoto city subway
・Kyoto city bus
・Kyoto bus (except some routes)
・Keihan bus (except some routes)
・JR bus (excluding some routes)
Discounts and other special offers are available at approximately 60 facilities in Kyoto City.
Adult 1,100 yen
Child 550 yen
Kyoto City Subway One-Day Pass・Kyoto city subwayAdult 800 yen
Child 400 yen
Bus One-Day Pass・Kyoto city buses
Kyoto buses and JR buses are also available if they are within the same fare zone.
Discounts at facilities such as Yoshimoto Gion Kagetsu, Toei Movie Village, Kyoto Railway Museum, etc.
Adult 700 yen
Child 350 yen
KYOTO ACCESS TICKET・Nankai line : Kansai Airport ⇒ Tengachaya
・Osaka metro: Tengachaya ⇒ Tenjinbashisuji 6‐chome
・Hankyu railway: Tenjinbashisuji 6‐chome ⇒ Kyoto Kawaramachi, etc. (400 yen section from Tenjinbashisuji 6‐chome)
*No reverse direction is allowed.
*No stopovers are allowed except at Tenjimbashisuji 6chome, which is a transfer station.
Adult 1,250 yenonce
Kyoro Subway&Randen 1day Pass Japanese page only・Kyoto city subway
・Randen (Keifuku Railway)
Adult 1,200 yen1day
Kyoto/Arashiyama 1day Pass
Japanese page only
[Hankyu ver.]
・Hankyu railway (except Kobe‐Kosoku Line)
・Randen (Keifuku Railway): Arashiyama Line and Kitano Line
・Kyoto bus: Arashiyama ⇔ Daikakuji, Kiyotaki, Suzumushidera/Kokedera-michi, Saga‐Arashiyama Sta, Arisugawa
[Nose ver.]
Hankyu ver. + Nose train (excluding cables and lifts)
[Hankyu ver.] 1,300 yen
[Nose ver.] 1,600 yen
Randen/Sagano Free Pass
Japanese page only
・Randen (Keifuku Railway)
・Kyoto bus (Arashiyama direction)
Privilege】Services and privileges are available at shrines and temples.
Adult 800 yen
Child 400 yen
Bus&Randen 1day Pass
Japanese page only
・Kyoto city bus
・Kyoto bus
・JR bus
・Randen (Keifuku Railway)
Adult 1,200 yen1day
Bus&Eiden Kurama・Kibune One-day ticket
Japanese page only
・Kyoto city bus
・Kyoto bus
・Keihan railway
・Eizan railway
Discounts are offered at facilities along Keihan Railway lines and at temples and shrines, stores and facilities along Eizan Railway lines.
Adult 1,900 yen1day
Kyo meguri
Japanese page only
・Kintetsu railway (Ikoma – Kintetsu Nara, Kyoto – Tsutsui)
・Kyoto city subway
・Kyoto city bus
Keihan Bus and JR west Bus are not available
・Kyoto buses: Kyoto City uniform section and Yase and Ohara area*
*Excluding Kurama/Kibune area, mountain routes, seasonal routes, etc.
Privileges at tourist facilities in Kyoto
Adult 2,050 yen1day
Japanese page only
[Hankyu Hanshin ver.]
・Hankyu railway (except Kobe‐Kosoku Line)
・Hanshin railway (except Kobe‐Kosoku Line)
・Kyoto city subway
・Kyoto city bus
・Kyoto bus: Yase/Ohara area (excluding Kurama/Kibune area, mountain routes, seasonal routes, etc.)
[Nose ver.]
・Nose train (except cable and lift lines)
・Hankyu railway (except Kobe‐Kosoku Line)
・Kyoto city subway
・Kyoto city bus
・Kyoto bus: Yase/Ohara area (excluding Kurama/Kibune area, mountain routes, seasonal routes, etc.)
[Hankyu Hanshin ver.] 1,700 yen
[Nose ver.] 2,000 yen
Keihan Railway Osaka/Kyoto 1-day sightseeing ticket
Japanese page only
・Keihan railway
・Iwashimizu-hachimangu-sando Cable car
Exclusive privileges at shrines, temples, and facilities along Keihan lines
Adult 1,400 yen
Child 700 yen


Available & BenefitsPricesTerm
Nara/Ikaruga 1-Day Ticket (Osaka Metro ver.)・Osaka Metro
・Osaka City Bus routes*
*The buses to IKEA Tsuruhama and Universal Studios Japan™, airport buses, etc. are not covered.
・Kintetsu railway : Osaka Namba – Kintetsu Nara, Kyoto – Tsutsui, Nagata – Ikoma, Toriimae – Ikoma sanjo
・Nara Kotsu Bus: Nara Park, Nishi-no-Kyo, and Horyuji area free section
Preferential treatment at temples and shrines, etc.
Adult 1,950 yen1day
Kintetsu Weekend Free Pass
Japanese page only
・Kintetsu railway *including cable lines
Mt. Katsuragi ropeway discount coupon
One-way or round-trip, 50% discount
Adult 4,200 yen Child 2,100 yen3days
Enjoy Nara Free Ticket
Japanese page only
・JR line:Non-reserved seat in a local train (including rapid and new rapid trains) within the Osaka/Kyoto/Nara free tour route.
・Kintetsu railway:Non-reserved seat in a local train
・Nara‐Kotsu Bus
Adult 3,500 yen
Child 1,750 yen
NARA ACCESS TICKET・Nankai Line:Kansai Airport Sta. → Namba Sta.
・Kintetsu railway :Osaka Namba Sta. → Kintetsu Nara Sta.
One-way / Adult:¥1,250
Round-trip / Adult:¥2,500


Available & BenefitsPricesTerm
Kobe Machimeguri 1day Coupon・Kobe city subway
・Kobe‐Kosoku Line
・Port liner
・Hankyu railway* Hankyu elarged ver.
One-time admission to facilities with a regular admission fee of 800 yen or less
[Kobe area ver.] 1,000 yen
[Hankyu elarged ver.] 1,800yen
Kobe 1day Tour Coupon (Kobe Area)・Kobe city subway
Includes a coupon ticket worth 700 yen that can be used for admission fees to about 60 tourist facilities in Kobe City
Adult 950 yen1day
KOBE ACCESS TICKET・Nankai Line : Kansai Airport Sta.⇒ Namba Sta.
・Hanshin railway :Osaka Namba Sta.⇒ any station on the Hanshin Line (Excepting Kobe-Kosoku Line)

Adult 1,150 yen
City Loop Bus 1day Pass・City Loop BusAdult 680 yen
Child 340 yen
Himeji Tourist Pass・Nankai line:One way from KIX Airport to Himeji
・Hanshin railway:Unlimited Rides for 1 Day
・Sanyo railway:Unlimited Rides for 1 Day
2,200 yen1day
Kobe City Bus & Subway 1day Pass・Kobe city bus
・Kobe city subway
Adult 1,040 yen1day
Hanshin-Sanyo Seaside 1day Ticket・Hanshin railway
・Sanyo railway
Adult 2,200 yen1day

For foreign tourists

These tickets are for foreign visitors to Japan.

Each ticket has its own precautions, so please refer to the linked website for details. Also, please note that the amount of tickets purchased outside Japan may differ from those purchased within Japan.

Available & BenefitsPricesTerm
Kansai Area Pass・Kansai airport express “HARUKA”
・JR Lines
・West JR Bus
Includes a voucher for a one-day pass for Keihan Railway, Kyoto Subway, and Hankyu Railway
Adult 6,800 yen
Child 3,400 yen
(For 4‐days)
Kansai Wide Area Pass・Sanyo Shinkansen
・Limited express train
・JR Lines
・Kyoto Tango Railway
・Wakayama Railway
・Chizu Express
・West JR bus
Adult 11,000 yen
Child 5,500 yen
Kintetsu Rail Pass・Kintetsu Line
・Cable Car
・Nara Kotsu Bus
・Iga Tetsudo Line*
・Mie Kotsu Bus and Toda City “Kamome” Bus*
*Available transportation depends on the number of days
Adult 1,500-5,100 yen
Child 750-2,550 yen
・Iwashimizu-hachimangu-sando Cable car
(excluding Otsu Line)
【1day】900 yen
【2day】1,400 yen
1- 2day
KYOTO SIGHTSEEING PASS・Keihan Main Line, Keihan Uji Line(Between Iwashimizu‐hachimangu and Demachiyanagi Sta.)
・Iwashimizu-hachimangu-sando Cable car
Adult 600 yen1day
・Osaka Metro Lines
・Osaka City Bus routes
・Iwashimizu-hachimangu-sando Cable car
(excluding Otsu Line)
Adult 1,400 yen1day
・Iwashimizu-hachimangu-sando Cable car
・Eizan Railway
(excluding Otsu Line)
Adult 1,700 yen1day
KYOTO‐OSAKA SIGHTSEEING PASS【for Hirakata-Park】・Keihan Railway
・Iwashimizu-hachimangu-sando Cable car (excluding Otsu Line)
Includes an entry ticket to Hirakata Park
Adult 1,200 yen
Child 800 yen
Infant 600 yen
KANSAI THRU PASSSubways, private railways, and buses throughout the Kansai region.【2day】
Adult 4,480 yen
Child 2,240 yen
Adult 5,600 yen
Child 2,800 yen
(except Kobe Kosoku Line)
【1day】700 yen
【2day】1,200 yen
ICOCA & HARUKASet of ICOCA IC card (1,500 yen charged) and discount coupon for Kansai Airport Express “HARUKA”Depends on where you ride. Check the website.one-way:1day
KANSAI ONE PASSICOCA card with with discount services
Only customers with a passport issued outside Japan and whose status of residence is “Temporary Visitor” are eligible to purchase and use the card.
3,000 yenNone
JR-WEST RAIL PASS・Hokuriku Shinkansen
・Sanyo Shinkansen
・Limited express trains, Local trains (including Shinkaisoku and Kaisoku)
・Ainokaze Toyama Railway,
・IR Ishikawa Railway
・Noto Railway
・Kyoto Tango Railway
・Chizu Express
・West JR Bus, Chugoku JR Bus
・JR West Miyajima Ferry
Adult 25,000 yen
Child 12,500 yen
HARUKA Ticket Limited EditionDiscount tickets for the limited express “Haruka” at a discount.
*Not sold at stations and travel agencies in Japan

For more information about the Kansai Wide Area Pass, click here